About Us

Who We Are

Founded in 2018 with aim of providing highly specialized solutions to the clients in terms of their requirements within the Oil & Gas sector. For ADOMS Global one thing has remained true since the day it was started, the pursuit of excellence and these values have driven our growth to a host of new markets all around the Middle East positioning us as the Global force in our industry.

The investment in a new workshop in Karsha Industrial Estate (Nizwa) in the year 2021, covering a production, service area, and offices materially represents the strategic and decisive change of pace, enabling us to be exclusive protagonists and partners in an international context that is increasingly complex and integrated.  We have established sound relationships with a number of leading international companies thus enabling us to perform a wide range of services in line with customers’ expectations.

We have always believed in the power of sustainability and have been open-mindedly working towards it. Responsible actions originated with our business partners and our comprehensive corporate responsibility work expanded from there.

Our health, safety, and environmental standards are in line with the international regulations and the highest E&P industry requirements and we are determined to continue our work towards a better society and a better environment.

Our Mission

Our Vision