Quality & HSE Policy

ADOMS Global Quality Policy



“Leadership must ensure integration of the QMS into the organization’s business processes monitor our quality performance regularly and set objectives and targets for further improvement”


“Share environmentally friendly reusable or recycled solutions with clients and monitor our environmental and sustainable performance regularly and set objectives and targets for further improvement”


“Adoms Global is committed to providing product and services that consistently meet or exceed the needs of our customers in a timely and professional manner and by maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction through greater personal service, constant review and reliable services and continual improvement”

ADOMS Global HSE Policy

The management of ADOMS Global is committed to improving the working environment of our employees and in general for the community we live in. We have put in a number of procedures to deal with the environmental issues affecting our business activities.

The health and safety of our employees are our top priority. We pride ourselves in achieving zero accidents and injuries from the emphasis of training safe work practices in all areas of the business.

To achieve the target of HSE Policy, the management shall

Ensure that all the employees shall participate in the Health and Safety programs.

Comply with the applicable HSE legal and other requirements.

Conserv environment, ensure all tools are safe to use, to supervise employees on their work practices, and to promote awareness in aspects of health, safety, and environmental care.

Protect employees, clients, sub-contractors, visitors, and assets from any harm.

To provide and ensure appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) are worn by the employees and sub-contractors carrying out their work at sites.